“Be Musical” Part I – Connection

Be Musical - Connection

What is “to be musical”?

(Connection, Timing, Instrument, Understanding /Interpretation, Breathing, Expression)

  • Connection (Being musical means to connect with the music)

To go around this theme we will first try to answer the question, when do we start to dance?

This one subjective question is the centre of many controversies owing to the fact that the understanding of dance itself strongly differs between individuals.

As stated before, this little is more a presentation of a personal opinion and understanding based on my different encounter with people and my experience as teacher and dancer.

In my personal opinion, dance starts with the intension, also everything is in the conception. For couple dance, transmitting this impression to the partner is a key point into achieving a good connection. In Tango for example, the first approach is the eye contact. The leader is to show his first interest into a follower by creating an eye contact. The expected answer from the follower should be then to maintain this eye contact, attesting from a positive reaction to the interest exposed.

After creating this virtual bridge to convert intentions, the second step is the actual invitation to a dance. For my understanding, dancing takes place already in the mind, so even our way of inviting a follower for a dance could be done accordingly to a rhythm, a melody, the music, because the magic of the dance is not to know when it started or when to stop. That little trick could take you from my point of view, much farther than most of the courtesy that can be used.

Lastly, the achievement of a deeper connection. In my opinion, just looking at each other or standing close to each other isn’t enough to be completely synchronized and connect to each other. Every music gives in my opinion time to the dancer to discover, connect and adjust each other, at that moment, just by breathing together and synchronizing to each other, a deeper connection could be achieve.
A state where the dancers aren’t just standing in front of each other, but are aware of the person in front, the tension in the body, the nervousness and all those little details we can pay attention to adjust and find the rhythm matching music and partners.

Be Musical - Connection