Little Piece of Me (Part I)

Little bit of me (Part I)

Art take us in a travel like a boat, where every steps take us to new places, allowing to replace piece of ourselves, so that after going around all places and coming back to set sail on the same aboard, the boat is completely changed, for better or worse.

I’m like a little kid making the whole dance scene my playground, and discovering the magic in every step i take. I like to be considered as such because it’s through the curious eyes and the clumsiness of a child that we happen to discover the wonder in every little things we do, and are able to rejoice ourselves over the simple things that we accomplish.

What i appreciate about Kizomba is what it’s basically teaching us; something of a long past that we almost forgot in our quest to “evolve”, one of those things is the importance of something as simple as walking in the most natural way according to our back ground. Being able to just walk on the same rhythms following the same melody and making it connect together in the most natural way, makes us remember how important it is to repeat those little things we learn. as Jet Li says: “Fear not the man that practice 1000 punches once, but do fear the man that practice one single punch a 1000 times”.

It’s mostly also referred as “Ginga” in the kizomba world. My personal understanding of this word/concept as well as the way people consider it, isn’t a fixed mouvement that has to be attained after countless training. It’s mostly the aptitude to let the body express itself naturally, allowing every single step we take while dancing to be “connected” with the rest of the body, giving it a certain flow, proper to every single person and his background, while respecting the basic mouvement of the new dance that is being learned. Considering that every single ones of us is different and has different background, naturally the flow of mouvement might be slightly different, still having to look as natural as possible while combining the basic mouvement coming along with Kizomba, with our background issued from all what we used to dance before or are still dancing.

The other thing to appreciate is the connection. not just connecting on a superficial level, but it reminds us of how we used to live and be.. connected through real bounds. And that feeling of being connected even for the time of song, to feel the other person and understand him or her without a single words, having a wordless conversation for the duration of the dance, is what i believe to be connected.

Connection isn’t just with a partner but as well with the music, understanding the meaning of the song we are dancing on, becoming one with the music, and make the single connection last the eternity of a dance. In this eternity every single step is a word, every single pattern is a sentence, every combination fo pattern makes the paragraphs, and our dance becomes a story. a story of ourself as dancers and persons.

Connecting with the musical calls to another important point, mainly been musical.. What is the meaning of being musical..?

That would be the subject of the next page.. until then i hope you enjoyed this little piece of me.

Donald Wilson

Little bit of me (Part I)